Healthcare Consulting Jobs at Perioptimal Performance Partners

Are you interested in healthcare consulting jobs? Do you think you have what it takes to be an associate with Perioptimal Performance Partners? We’d love to hear from you.

Read on to see if your values align with our culture.

Healthcare Consulting Jobs: Mandatory Experience

First, we require that you have hands-on experience in the perioperative arena—whether that be in healthcare administration or working in or around the operating room (O.R.).

Our Core Values

At Perioptimal Performance Partners, we also require that all our associates share seven core values. We’re looking for people who believe in the following:

Meaningful Knowledge

All our healthcare consultants are seasoned healthcare professionals—not new graduates or career consultants. We’ve all worked in healthcare administration and/or surgical patient care. We have wisdom, experience, and expertise regarding the perioperative environment.


Our word is our bond. In our healthcare consulting jobs (and life in general), we don’t make promises that we can’t keep. We deliver on the promises we make. We’re honest and can be trusted at all times.


We’re the real deal. As individuals, we hold expertise in our subject matters. If the project requires expertise we don’t have, we admit it to ourselves and our clients. We then tap one of our associates who has that deep subject matter expertise. If a minor question is outside our wheel house, we don’t pretend to know the answers. We find the answer, so we know the next time.

Data-driven Mindset

Numbers don’t scare us. In fact, we relish the opportunity to apply the power of data to help solve real-life problems. We understand that the use of powerful data makes Perioptimal Performance Partners unique and innovative in the field of Perioperative Consulting.

Evidence-based Philosophy

We understand the tremendous value of evidence-based data in our healthcare consulting jobs. We know that powerful data, deep knowledge, and compassionate understanding of the viewpoints of all stakeholders leads to the best solutions for healthcare transformation.

Economic Feasibility

We understand that our clients’ budgets are tight. We never overbill in our healthcare consulting jobs. We know our clients want a return on their consulting investment, and we help them find honest, realistic solutions whenever possible.

Consensus Building

We’re leaders in change management and fostering agreement and harmony among the healthcare players we serve. Perioptimal Performance Partners is known for its consensus-building approach that leads to attitudinal and behavioral change that helps patients and organizations.

Current Healthcare Consulting Jobs

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