About Perioptimal Performance Partners

Founded in 2001 as Cheryl Barratt Associates, Perioptimal Performance Partners is an association of more than 20 healthcare consultants. The collective talents of our network of consultants elevate the practicality and potency of our recommendations beyond traditional healthcare management and operating room consulting boundaries. Plus, we offer the trifecta of The Perioptimal Promise.

About Perioptimal Performance Partner’s Experience

Perioptimal Performance Partners has extensive clinical, managerial, technical and administrative experience. We have walked in the shoes of your staff, successfully transitioned into perioperative consulting roles, and become recognized leaders in our fields.

Additionally, we each have 15 to 20 years of consulting experience, helping hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, integrated delivery networks, and health systems like yours to achieve organizational goals.

Collectively and individually, our consultants have assisted clients across the US and Canada, in settings ranging from urban to rural and from community hospitals to academic medical centers.

At Perioptimal Performance Partners, “We Get It”

We understand the real-world environment you work in. We not only have the subject matter expertise and experience but also the clinical and administrative “soft skills” to get the healthcare consulting job done.

Furthermore, we espouse seven core values that focus on honesty, transparency, data, evidence-based medicine, economics, and consensus building.

We require that all those who are interested in Healthcare Consulting Jobs at Perioptimal Performance Partners share our values.

About Cheryl Barratt, RN, BS, MHA

Cheryl Barratt is the principal and founder of  Perioptimal Performance Partners. She has the proven ability to assess and improve work-flow efficiencies, implement value-based practices, optimize appropriate staffing levels and sustain change.

Plus, she is a recognized subject matter expert (SME) in:

  • Surgical Services
  • Endoscopy
  • Cardiac Catheterization Labs
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Supply Chain: Purchasing, Receiving, Warehouse/Storeroom
  • Sterile Processing

In 2018, she earned her Lean Healthcare Certificate at Belmont University, Massey Graduate School of Business.


About Perioptimal Performance Partner’s Methodology

Cheryl and the Perioptimal Performance team are well regarded for their ability to identify and overcome organizational resistance to change at all levels through the trifecta of The Perioptimal Promise™. The Perioptimal Promise™ centers on three integrated characteristics:

  • Evidenced-based analytics to direct change
  • Consensus-building approach to lead change
  • The Perioptimal Assurance™ of yearlong follow-up to sustain change

It’s because of this that the company is recognized for its Innovative Perioperative Consulting.

Furthermore, Perioptimal Performance Partners consistently meets and exceeds client expectations for deliverables, budgets, and timelines.

Our Accomplishments

As the principal of Perioptimal Performance Partners and as an outside consultant, Cheryl has completed close to 100 long-term consulting projects. These projects have saved organizations millions of dollars.

Many of these Hospital, Health System and Surgery Center Services can be categorized into four categories:

  • Healthcare Triple Aim Transformation Projects
  • Clinical Operations Improvement Projects
  • Information Systems Implementation Projects
  • Materials Management Operation Projects

About Cheryl Barratt’s Clinical Experience

Prior to her operating room consulting career, Ms. Barratt served as a Surgical Services Service Line Vice President in San Antonio Texas. She also held Director of Surgical Services positions and staff positions in Surgical Services and Pediatrics. In addition, Ms. Barratt served as a Nurse Manager in a busy Chicago-based surgeon’s office early in her career.

About Cheryl Barratt as a Speaker, Board Member and Author

Cheryl has published and lectured on topics related to:

  • Healthcare triple aim transformation
  • Operating room efficiency
  • Surgical services staffing
  • Materials management
  • Operating room information system integration
  • Surgical services reengineering

In February 2020, she coauthored “You’ve Got a Friend in SPD”, which appeared in Outpatient Surgery. The article focuses the importance of collaboration, cooperation, and yes, even friendships, between the O.R. and the sterile processing department (SPD).  These types of relationships are just part of Perioptimal Performance Partners’ consensus-building approach, the second tenet of the The Perioptimal Promise™. Consensus building is one of our seven core values.

She served on the editorial board of First Moves, a healthcare materials management publication, and also on the advisory board of OR Manager.

She holds membership in the following organizations:

Cheryl also served as a board member of the AORN eChapter. She currently holds a position on the CHEF Membership and Advancement Committee. Her work has been published in academic publications and presented at national conferences.

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